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Holiday Special - Free Nutritionist Consultation with Any BeautyTek Session!
Holiday Special - Free Nutritionist Consultation with Any BeautyTek Session!

Don't let the holidays get the best of you this year! BeautyTek is offering a FREE certified nutritionist consultation with any BeautyTek session booked before the end of the year!


Eating correctly is an important part of success in losing weight, and your health overall! The problem is that many people don't realize that certain foods can be wrecking all of your hard work! Our certified nutritionist can help you discover which foods are good and bad specifically for you body type. 

Nutritionist consultations alone are $100 per session, but through the end of the year - are included with every session of BeautyTek!

So go into this holiday season with a plan to come out looking and feeling great for the new year! Call us to book your appointment today! (201) 509-8400.


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