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BeautyTek Body Contouring Solutions
BeautyTek Body Contouring Solutions

BeautyTek is: holistic, non-invasive, painless, and natural fat loss… a science-based “whole body approach" to beauty, health and healing. 

Our technology for body aesthetics is specialized to treat the known problem areas for women and men. The family of BeautyTek devices does not rely on cosmetic measures, but stimulates with modern computer technology supported methods that are non-invasive and painless; activating the body's own regeneration.

Congenital or acquired (eg: after pregnancy, diet or fasting) tissue weaknesses and the natural aging process of the skin can take its toll. With modern technology we control it without surgery or pain.

Treatment regions:
• Face and neck
• Cleavage
• Breast (lifting)
• Upper arms
• Stomach
• Buttocks and thighs (cellulite)

The aim of our computerized bio-cybernetic process is the recovery of the energetic balance in the treated area. Measurements are photographically documented which objectively demonstrate your clients personal treatment progress, and of course much depends on the client's lifestyle and individual constitution.

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