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Energy Boost - The Natural and Holistic Way
Energy Boost - The Natural and Holistic Way

You can probably see from all the amazing results on our site that we can help you lose inches and tighten skin. But did you also realize that BeautyTek treatments help your energy levels? 

Energy Boost with BeautyTek

The active principle is fundamentally simple: the specialist strives with light pressure over the selected body zone with a specially designed probe and a matching electrolyte. During the treatment, energy paths, lymphatic glands and selected areas are bio-electrically stimulated by BeautyTek, similar to acupuncture. In this way, the BeautyTek-system is able to activate and advance the energetic balance in the zone and at the same time stimulate and accelerate the self-reparative power of the body.

The energetic balance in the treated body areas is improved through ion reallocation. BeautyTek permanently regulates the water balance and establishes the pH equilibrium. By opening the lymphatic vessels, the detoxification process of the body areas is supported. In addition, an extraordinary stimulation to regenerate tissue takes place.

In other words, after your treatment for weight loss, you'll also have increased levels of energy!


Foods that Boost your Energy

 There are also other natural ways to help boost your energy, that won't 'undo' your BeautyTek treatments - and that's eating the right, healthy foods, such as:

- Almonds

- Coconut

- Quinoa

- Bananas 

- Ginger

- Kale

- Cacao


What do you do to boost your energy?


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