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Still Skeptical of Nonsurgical Body Contouring?
Still Skeptical of Nonsurgical Body Contouring?

The search for a shapelier silhouette continues to drive patients to seek aesthetic therapies, but not everyone is willing to go under the knife to lose inches.  Body Sculpt is thrilled to to be the first in New Jersey and NYC (and one of only a few places in the U.S.)  to offer BeautyTek treatments, the newest non-surgical method [tranlastion: not liposuction] for body-shaping and circumferential reduction of targeted fatty deposits on the body.

Imagine that you can focus on parts of your body that you want to shape in a painless and easy way.  In a way that will leave no scars or signs that any treatment was done, except for a more beautiful you. With a treatment that you could lose inches off your waist or any other problem area.

The question remains - does it really work? Well you can view our galleries to see how dramatic some of the results can be - after even just one session!

The best part is that it IS holistic, so it not only helps you lose inches, it hosts many more benefits for your body. In a natural way. And completely noninvasive, with no recovery time. BeautyTek uses your OWN energy to transform your own body.

It also will help loosen and drain out all impurities that are clogged in your system - allowing you to have more energy, feel better and look better.

Call us today to come in for a free consultation! Look and feel better on the beach this summer in no time! 201-509-8400.

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