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6 Tips For Eating Healthy on a Budget
6 Tips For Eating Healthy on a Budget

It's important to eat healhty along with your Body Sculpt BeautyTek treatments to help opitmize your results. And to also keep you feeling better on the inside AND out! But eating healthy, especially organically, can be really expensive and deters some people from always making the best choices for their health and body. So we came across this great article, and website for eating healthy that offers you some tips on eating healthy on a budget! We couldn't agree more - there ARE ways to eat healthy and not spend a fortune!

View the full Health with Randa website article here.


Even though healthy food seems expensive - it can be more cost effective to prepare homemade, nutritious meals than it is to go out to eat or buy pre-packaged meals!! Also, check out these steps to help keep that grocery bill down:


  1. Eat less animal protein – It’s important to buy meat organic and local if possible, however this can be expensive. Try saving meat dishes for special occasions, or limit them to once or twice a week. Instead, add plenty of cheaper protein sources to your diet like eggs, tofu, or beans.
  2. It doesn’t all have to be organic – If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy all your food organic, don’t sweat it! Just use this handy guide to make sure you are buying the most pesticide laden foods organic, like apples or berries, but don’t worry too much about foods with thicker skins like avocados or bananas.
  3. Shop at the farmers markets – If there is a farmers market in your area, you can do the majority of your produce shopping there for more budget-friendly prices. For the best quality, and price, make sure you are buying produce that is currently in season. If you aren’t sure what is in season in your area, use this list or ask the farmer!
  4. Buy in bulk – don’t be afraid of the bulk aisle! Invest in a few glass jars or containers so you can stock up on grains, lentils and nuts in the bulk section where they are far less expensive than prepackaged options. Costcos are great here in the NY/NJ area!
  5. Plan your menu – Before you go to the grocery store or farmers market, plan out what you are going to cook in the coming week. This will prevent you from throwing anything into the cart that you don’t actually need. Another good tip is to find a way to use an item more than once throughout the week, so instead of buying kale and spinach, you can use kale in two dishes, using up the entire bunch.
  6. Drink water – Drinking more water is not only good for your health, it’s also good for your wallet! Invest in a water filter so you can drink tap water, and skip the expensive water bottles and other beverages.

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