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Foods to Eat When Watching Carbs and Sugars
Foods to Eat When Watching Carbs and Sugars

When you get BodySculpt treatments, it is best to always limit your intake of carbs, sugars and alcohol for at least 3 days. We hear many of you say - what is left to eat??

There are lots of options and foods to eat that are still satisfying and delicious! Here is a small list of veggies that are low-carb options that you should try and squeeze into your diet while getting treatments, to help you squeeze into  your smaller size jeans! These 8 veggies also host many health benefits as well!

1 - Spinach

2 - Tomato

3 - Broccoli

4 - Cucumber

5 - Cabbage

6 - Brussel Sprouts

7 - Califlower

8 - Asparagus


For the full article from Good Health with recipe options, click here!

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