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Moms! Pamper Yourself and Get Skinny for Mother's Day for only $50
Moms! Pamper Yourself and Get Skinny for Mother's Day for only $50

Who is dreading bathing suit season??? UGH – more like I-will-sit-there-and-compare-who-looks-fatter-than-me season. Well, if you need a little boost to help squeeze into that teenie weeine polka dot bikini -

Check this out -we're running a special for MOMS ONLY -


First 10 moms to sign up get a full treatment to either the face, stomach or thighs for ONLY $50! That’s amazing considering most treatments run about $250 and you can lose inches in just one session!

On May 18th it’ll be your present to yourself for Mother’s Day -

- a full treatment for only $50

- healthy treats and eats and tips to take home to keep your diet on track with your new skinny self

So if you need a little boost for beach season, this is your chance!

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