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Wrinkles and fine lines are caused by a variety of factors, including excess exposure to sunlight and genetics. Beautytek is effective in minimizing and reducing the signs of ageing, under eye shadows, and sagging muscles tone.

The stimulation provided by Beautytek’s system results in fresher and healthier looking skin. Gradually over the course of the treatment, lines and wrinkles are smoothed and sagging jowls are tightened, leaving you with a younger looking appearance. As toxins are released from the system, pore size and dark circles will diminish and facial muscles will be visibly more toned.

Beautytek is not recommended for people who have had Botox or fillers. The Beautytek treatment will eliminate the effect. However, the area around the part of the face that received Botox CAN be treated with Beautytek. For example: if you had your forehead done, you treat the rest of the face except the forehead

Breasts Lift

Defy Gravity. Beautytek lifts and firms breasts, with lasting results. Clients can expect to see an overall firmness in the skin, a lift in the ...

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Weight Loss

When applied to excess fatty deposits around the body, Beautytek encourages the transfer of fat out of the fat cells so it can be burned as energy. Th...

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Scar Reduction

BeautyTek system minimizes and virtually erases scars by using gentle micro-currents to stimulate the body to heal itself from within, boosting c...

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