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Questions and Answers

  • Can I have Beautytek treatment on my face if I've had Botox or fillers? Beautytek is not recommended for people who have had Botox or fillers. The Beautytek treatment will eliminate the effect. However, the area around the part of the face that received Botox CAN be treated with Beautytek. For example: if you had your forehead done, you treat the rest of the face except the forehead.
  • How good are the results for the abdominal and side fat reduction? The results may vary, dependng on the clients health, weight and skin condition. Overall, our clilents have seen a 99% satisfaction rate.
  • If I have breast implants can I still have firming procedures with Beautytek? Beautytek has shown remarkable toning, firming, lifting and scar reduction results for clients who have had breast implants inserted and for those who have had implants removed or changed.
  • Are there upper and lower age limits for receiving Beautytek treatments? There are no physiological or biological age limits for receiving the treatment. In terms of health and well being, starting treatment in late teens to early twenties can have a beneficial effect on the body and delay the onset of the signs of aging, e.g. fine lines and wrinkles. Other factors that may affect the treatment efficacy will be addressed on an individual basis and discussed with you at the initial consultation.
  • How long would the effects last, after the 12th treatment, if the patient never returns for maintenance sessions? The lasting effects of the treatment depend entirely on the biological age of the client. Clients with younger biological ages will see a longer lasting effect than those with older biological ages. In terms of breast lift, current experience has shown that the effects can last between three months to one year without any maintenance treatments. In terms of a fat reduction, provided the client takes steps to maintain his or her reduction, there is no limit to how long the results of the treatment will last. Naturally a client returning to the old bad eating habits, they will return to his or her original size more quickly.

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