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Questions and Answers

  • What's the principle behind Beautytek? Beautytek combines advanced western computer technology with the wisdom of traditional Chinese methods. A session encourages the body to heal itself from within, resulting in a transformed outer appearance.
  • What's the Beautytek service actually like? A nutrient-rich gel is applied to the treatment area and your therapist will then gently moving micro-conductor (a wand). The micro-conductor will be moved along the appropriate meridian lines of the body to balance and transfer energy. The computer then calculates how the tissue is reacting and varies the frequency to ensure each area receives the optimum treatment. The Beautytek's artificial intelligence directs your sessions while you relax on the therapy table. The computer 'reads' the bioelectric energy of the specific tissue area in order to evaluate its current condition and determine specific service requirements. This means you always receive a customized session each time you have a Beautytek service (a key benefit other microcurrent technologies cannot offer).
  • What can I expect during a treatment? You will attend an initial consultation, during which your therapist will examine the area you wish to have treated to determine the most effective treatment plan for you. Your therapist will discuss with you what to expect during your first treatment and go through the treatment schedule. Before you have your first treatment, the therapist will take a series of digital photographs of the area being treated. You will then be asked to lie on a treatment table and given a conductor to hold. The therapist will then wash the treatment area to remove any body creams that could affect the treatment. A specially formulated electrolyte gel will be applied to the treated area and the Beautytek machine will guide the therapist through the treatment using images and instructions displayed on the monitor. The computer calculates when each treatment step is completed and automatically moves to the next step. The therapist will take a second set of digital photographs after your first treatment and then after every sixth treatment. You will be able to see any changes throughout your course as the comparative photographs are displayed side by side on the Beautytek screen.
  • What is that gel used with Beautytek? A nutrient-rich electrolyte gel, specifically formulated for the area undergoing the procedure, is applied, and your therapist then places a micro-conductor (wand) along the appropriate meridian lines (energy pathways) of the body. The computer calculates how the tissue is reacting and varies the frequency to ensure each area receives the optimum session.
  • How often should I have a Beautytek service, and for how long? To achieve optimum results, a minimum of two to three sessions per week are required, with at least one day in between each visit. To achieve maximum results, twelve sessions are recommended. Session time varies depending on the area being treated, but on average lasts about 60 minutes. A Beautytek session is pleasant and completely pain-free with no side effects; in fact, many clients report feelings of increased well-being and energy after a session.

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