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BeautyTek Avita Plus

Avita™ - Stable Cavitation Ultrasound
The Avita treatment itself does not involve any surgical procedure. It is gentle and painfree. The
treatment consists of tissue being treated with ultrasound. This creates a feeling of warmth and a
clearly audible noise inside the ear. After that, the fat cells are exposed to mechanical energy in the
form of so-called shock waves. This process creates very small micro vesicles in the fat cells. The
accrued pressure inside the fat cells makes the cell membrane dissolve and the fat from the cell flows
into the connective tissue. This phenomenon is called stable cavitation. This cavitation creates waves
which are being transmitted through the harder layers of the body to the ears, where they can be
noticed as audible sound. The sound reminds one of cicadas and lasts as long as the treatment head
is in skin contact.

The loosened fat will be transported by the lymphs and used for body energy or excreted with the
normal metabolism. Therefore it is important that the body will not be supplied with additional
energy in form of sugar after the treatment. Most of the loosed fat will disintegrate within three
days. After that sweats are allowed again to a certain extend until the next treatment.

Avita Highly Effective For:
- Fat Reduction (hard to shift pocket fat)
- Cellulite
- Body Sculpturing (Abdomen, Gluteus, Legs, Arms)

Stable Cavitation Ultrasound
- Break-through – advanced technology for non-surgical body
- Fat Blasting
- Fat Melting
- Sculpturing
- Combination Therapy
- Destroying the fat Cells
- Immediate Measurable Results
- Circumference Reduction

BeautyTek Avita Plus
BeautyTek Avita Plus

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