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Innovation and Technology

The working principles of Beautytek are based on the theory of acupuncture. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Chinese discovered meridians in the body along which a subtle type of energy travels. This energy is known to the Chinese as Chi (QI), and it enters the body through specific acupuncture points and flows to deeper organs through the meridian lines, bringing life-giving nourishment of subtle energetic nature.

Beautytek combined this wisdon of ancient Chinese medicine with advanced computer technology to identify the body's altered chemical and physical distribution of biological tissue and correct it in real time. The computer is able to "read" this energy and balance out the Chi level to bring the body back to its healthiest level.

The Beautytek’s computer based system, operated under MS Windows technology, delivers a low-frequency microcurrent electrical impulse into the body. These microcurrent electrical impulses range from about 60-600 micro amps, equivalent to that produced by the human heart and significantly less that other “micro-current” machines on the market.

These stimuli are transferred to the specific treatment areas through hand-held wands. A nutrient-rich gel, specifically formulated for the area undergoing treatment, is applied and your therapist places the wand along the appropriate meridian lines (energy pathways) of the body. The computer then calculates how the tissue is reacting to the signal and the Beautytek computer adjusts the frequency to ensure an energetic equilibrium, allowing each area to receive the optimum treatment.

The software’s Bio-Cybernetic Circuit continuously adjusts the measurement of energy being transferred into the body to provide a customized aesthetic treatment each time. The Bio-Cybernetic control measures the skin resistance, the depth of the tissue and the cell wall thickness. Beautytek’s “artificial intelligence” (i.e. computer system), uses these measurements to adjust the frequency and intensity of the currents.

This stimulation through the Beautytek wand encourages the body to increase energy production- which repairs cells, produces collagen and increases the body’s metabolic process. The currents passing through the treatment area also stimulate intracellular calcium, promoting the cellular balance and healing. Fatty tissue is dehydrated and fatty clusters are decomposed, and blood flow is increased.

Unlike other treatments, Beautytek provides a customized, painfree and natural treatment every time.Where other conventional systems used in cosmetic medicine, such as lasers and ultrasounds, are unfocused and emit large amounts of energy in different areas, Beautytek technology provides direct accuracy to target areas.

The result is a holistic, non-invasive treatment, producing a firmer and toned outer appearance, using the body’s own energy. This is what makes Beautytek a truly revolutionary treatment, unlike all others!


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