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When applied to excess fatty deposits around the body, Beautytek is effective in toning and firming, producing results that diet and exercise alone could not produce alone. Studies have shown that Beautytek is particularly effective in treating excess fat around the abdomen and surrounding areas, as well as fat around the arms and legs.

Beautytek’s system works by breaking down the fatty deposits and stimulating the energy available to the cells in the body.  When toxins and free radicals build up in the system, the body produces hard collagen around the damaged cells. This prevents fat from being released into the blood stream, causing stubborn and unsightly fat in the; lower abdomen, inner thighs, love handles, and upper arms

When Beautytek transmits energy into the treatment area, it stimulates the tissue. This causes the water and toxins stored in the cells are re-distributed to the lymphatic pathways, which are stimulated to flush the waste products from the body.  Additionally, this causes fatty tissue to dehydrate and fatty clusters to decompose.

The result is a transfer of fat out of the cells to be burned as energy. This cases a loss of inches from those stubborn areas without resorting to extreme diets, radical exercise regimes or even the surgeon’s knife. Allow your body to gently burn this excess fat away and see the fantastic lasting results.

Breasts Lift

Defy Gravity. Beautytek lifts and firms breasts, with lasting results. Clients can expect to see an overall firmness in the skin, a lift in the ...

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Cellulite Reduction

Beautytek is one of the few treatments on the market for cellulite that not only work while treatment is being given but also for some time afterwards...

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Wrinkle Eraser

Reveal a more youthful you. If you would like to see positive changes to the face and figure you see in the mirror, look no further than Beatytek. B...

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